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Personal Service - Orlando SinglesPersonalized Service, Because Dating Isn’t One Size Fits All
Here at Orlando Singles, we don’t think of you as a number, or just an online portfolio. From the moment you first contact us about working with our company, we roll out the red carpet. We want you to experience dating in the best possible light, which means we incorporate online and in person elements to make your dating experience as pleasurable as possible.

When you first come into our office, one of the immediate things you’ll notice is that we take an active interest in you as a person. To most dating sites you’re just a credit card number and an invoice, but to us, you’re someone special who is going to make a lucky man or woman, one of the happiest people on Earth. We use a hands-on approach to help you make dating an activity that you look forward to. With our online website, you do get the chance to view profiles from anywhere, but the second you have a question, or would like to get to know someone better, we’re right here to help.

Personal Service - Orlando SinglesWhen it comes to planning dates and obtaining reservations, our Singles Concierge Service can assist you with that! Did you make a wrong turn onto S. Hughey Ave? Our Singles Concierge Service can assist you with correct directions as well! Orlando is a vast city with a large influx of tourists each year; we understand that unexpected traffic and the occasional wrong turn or detour can happen. When this occurs, give our Singles Concierge Service a call and they’ll guide you to your destination.

Or maybe you’d like to get away, but you still want to find your soul mate on vacation. We can help with that too by including you on one of your exotic dating getaways to locations both near and far. When you choose Orlando Singles, you’re choosing a company with a demonstrated commitment to first class service.

Submit your application now and let us help take your love life to the next level with our all-inclusive service!