Screening & Qualifications

Screening & Qualifications - Orlando SinglesA Screening Process Second-to-None
Choosing Orlando Singles means that the days of a purely blind dating can be a thing of the past. Common online dating sites say that they do background checks, but the facts of the matter are that a significant number of people who represent themselves as single are in fact married, and there is no assurance that anyone’s profile photo is really of them, or even recent. Couple this with the fact that approximately 1% of all users on online dating sites are though to be sexual predators, and it’s easy to see just how dangerous online dating can be.

Orlando Singles helps to provide a safer dating environment than other sites and companies can provide. One of the best ways that we work to keep our clients safe is by completing a background check on all of our users. Instead of just searching for convicted felons  and violent criminals, we also search for current marital status and reference sex offender registries. Considering that most criminals aren’t known for being trustworthy, we don’t take chances with our member’s safety and our background checks are mandatory, for everyone, to help keep you safe.

Screening & Qualifications - Orlando SinglesWe also take professional profile photos for our clients in our office. This has two purposes. Instead of being left to use a poorly lighted picture that doesn’t do you justice, we provide you with one of the highest quality photos available to help elevate your profile. We also want to make sure that when you view a photo on our online website, that you know who are dealing with. No more wondering if the photo really belongs to the person you’re talking to or if it was taken years ago. Now you know it’s really them and that it’s a recent photo.

Finally, we provide our comprehensive screening process to help protect you from fraud. With over $80,000,000 taken from online dating clients in 2013, we want Orlando Singles to be the safest place possible. If you ever have questions, or concerns, about a client of ours, please contact us immediately and we will work with you in person to make sure that you always stay safe.

With Orlando only being safer than 2% of all US cities, do you really know whom you’re dating without a background check? You may even find yourself on date with a vagrant if you’re not careful online. Choose Orlando Singles, and make the safe choice every time.