Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits - Orlando SinglesJust a Few of The Benefits Your Membership Provides
Maybe this is a biased opinion, but no other dating service anywhere offers anything near the amount and quality of perks as Orlando Singles does. When you choose Orlando Singles, you receive:

  • Personal service
  • Professional profile photos
  • A premier website
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Date planning assistance

With our company, you get personalized, local solutions to your dating needs. From providing you with restaurant recommendations, to securing your reservations, we go consistently above and beyond for our members. Your membership doesn’t stop either when you’ve had a successful date. When you sign up with us, you continue to get professional and personal treatment throughout the time you date.

Before your first date you’ll get a professional photo shoot in addition to a professional online profile. When your profile is searched for and viewed, we want you to stand out. So instead of having a generic and bland profile like on other dating sites, we provide you with one that is eye-catching and beautiful.Membership Benefits - Orlando Singles

For your first date, imagine your pleasant surprise when you find out your date is vegan just like you are. But before, you had only planned for a romantic stroll, but now you need a recommendation for a restaurant, and quick! Luckily our staff will be on hand to recommend Ethos Vegan Kitchen, or Dandelion CommuniTea Café, depending on where you’re located. We can provide you with that recommendation and even give you directions there.

Feeling jittery about your first date? We can help with that too. Just give us a call and we can remind you of all the reasons you wanted to go on your date in the first place and help get you psyched for your wonderful day or evening out. Everyone gets butterflies in their stomach from time to time, but it’s our job to manage the stress for you to help your inner beauty come out.