What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique - Orlando Singles

With Orlando Singles, we’re not like the other dating services that direct people to one online dating website and set you loose with no guidance or assistance. Instead of driving clients to only use an online platform for their dating needs, Orlando Singles uses a tested model of incorporating online and in person dating components to help maximize your chances at finding the right person. Whereas most dating services are only in person or online, with our approach, you get the best of both worlds. That’s because we understand that you’re a busy professional and you may not always have time to come to a singles event or meet someone new at our office all the time. So we provide a beautifully crafted website for you that can help you narrow down the possibilities to the people that truly captivate your attention.

Then, when you’re ready, we can use our skills and talents as an in person dating service to help you to craft the perfect date. From arranging a location, to sending you on one of our exclusive getaways, Orlando Singles provides the services that no other company can possibly match. Worried about accidentally going out with someone who’s a convicted felon, or worse? It’s an understandable fear. There are disagreements among several dating sites over whether background checks should even be performed, and many of them say that a background check is a violation of someone’s 1st Amendment rights.

Well, here at Orlando Singles we care about our clients and we don’t want you to become another crime statistic from an online dating website, which is why we provide comprehensive background checks on all of our clients and identity verification. Now, you won’t have to worry if you’re going on a date with a sexual predator or identity thief because our company doesn’t allow them to ever get near one of our clients. You’re our top priority, and we’re always looking for new ways to help you stay safe. Think someone can use a fake photo on our website? Not a chance. All of the profile photos are taken in our office using professional photographers, so not only does your picture look fantastic, but we also guarantee that our member’s photos are really of them. Not like dating websites where the photo could be someone else or from several years ago.

Even if you’re fairly convinced that you could stay safe when only using an online dating site, such a large percentage of their users are actually married! You shouldn’t have to put up with finding a great guy or woman and give your heart over to them, only to find out later on that they’re married and just looking for someone to date on the side. That’s why Orlando Singles uses our background checks to look for marriages; we purposely exclude anyone trying to join our service that is already married.

What Makes Us Unique - Orlando SinglesWith our complete background checks and identity verification, if you decide to go on our complete vacations to meet great new singles from around the Orlando area, you’re going to be able to relax and settle in for a great time. With premier vacations not offered by other dating companies, Orlando Singles remains a step above the rest. So come and join us, and see why we are the trusted and preferred partner for Orlando singles everywhere!

Here at Orlando Singles we have an open-door policy. Feel free to stop by for a consultation or speak with one of our representatives any time during business hours. Our services extend to planning first dates, customizing your profile, narrowing your search, as well as relationship coaching and love advice!

Contact us today at (407) 917-0162 or submit your request for more information, and let us help you find your perfect match!