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Local Focus - Orlando SinglesThink Globally. Date Locally.
Long-distance certainly works for some couples, but it can be hard to date that way. There’s a reason that less than 3% of all married couples live in a long-distance relationship. They tend to keep couples apart rather than helping them to come closer together. Online dating sites don’t talk about those numbers though. They only talk about helping you find “the one.” Unfortunately, this is all talk, and most of these sites use metrics to match people that don’t have a proven record of success.

Using the most common online dating sites, you could find your match living in another state, or even in another country. Trying to connect with them is going to be hard, if not next to impossible. Here at Orlando Singles, we think that your perfect match lives down the street, not 7 states over. Remember that you decided to move or even stay in Orlando for a reason. Maybe it’s because you love Disney World, SeaWorld, or a scenic drive down the I4 (we suppose that could happen), but your love for this city means that it is now a part of you. You identify with it, and we think that your future partner should as well.

Local FocusDating locally means that you already have something in common with your date, even before you sit down with them and begin a conversation. It enables you to go out to your favorite locations and share the intimate moments of your life with another person while showing them where they occurred. When you want to date locally, you need a company that is as local as you are. With Orlando Singles, you get such a company. We can help you plan out local dates since we not only work here we live here too. From suggesting Pho 88 for dinner, to securing tickets to a showing at SeaWorld, to arranging a shopping date to one of our many Outlet malls, we’re a local company dedicated to helping locals find love.