In Love After All These Years

ORLANDO SINGLESDear Eloisa: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am pretty sure I’m in love; in fact, I know I’m in love. I am 68 years old and having lost my husband eight years ago, I never thought romance and marriage were in the cards for me again. I was so wrong. I decided after reading about their success stories and about how safe the process was, to join Orlando Singles. I wanted to meet a single man in the Orange County area and honestly, I had no idea how to go about doing this. Not wanting to risk it with some online dating service, I found that Orlando Singles had exactly what I needed, not to mention, their concierge service was incredibly helpful. We’ve only been on half a dozen dates so far. And yet he has shown me an incredible new side to the Orlando region, and he’s shown me that romance really is meant for sixty-somethings. I just wanted to share my experience. I know there are many women who, in a situation such as mine, would be scared of venturing into the dating world. But with Orlando Single’s help, they really don’t have to be.

All the Best,

Maggie – Orlando, FL

Dear Maggie: Congratulations! I love it when readers share their heart-warming stories. And I love that you were able to find your perfect match after only a handful of dates. Just goes to show, that when a dating service does it right, true love is definitely possible. I always warn my readers about the pitfalls of online dating. There are scams out there, and there are dangers inherent to a platform in which random photos and unverified profiles go virtually unrestricted. Dating services that take the time to screen members and offer offline venues and opportunities for singles to meet and truly engage one another, inevitably provide the most effective type of matchmaking services.

Orlando Singles in particular has an incredible track record when it comes to bringing together singles local to the Central Florida area and making meaningful connections. They get to know your likes, interests, passions, goals and then they help their members meet the most compatible partners. I think this is a tremendously productive way for a dating service to operate. And especially given that their clients are generally in their forties, fifties and sixties, the security underlying their dating service is unmatched. Thanks so much for sharing, and I certainly do wish you that happily ever after!

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